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This first image is from the level I had meshed out after the preliminary white box and meshing by our design team. I was tasked with creating the environment for this particular level look more aesthetically pleasing. The level represented our transition and acceptance of death, and the level had a very unique art style within our game. The first part of the level was supposed to represent the fulfillment of life and was lush and vibrant with grass, flowers and trees. As you progress on further, the vividness of life fades and is overtaken by rocks and dying trees. To do this, I transitioned the grass to fade into dying grass, and eventually into the ground texture we used for rock, as well as dead roots and crystal formations.

Mountain Image 1

The level Loneliness focused on human isolation and how this works in the typical family. This is also the part where the character has to self-reflect on what he's left on his journey of introspection. He sees his mother and she asks if he's asked if he's found what he's been looking for. You can't respond to this question; it's more of a breaking of the 4th wall to get you as a player to look at your past experiences and how they've effected you.

Mountain Image 2

Fear and apprehensiveness is rooted in our basic human nature, and is part of our game as well. In this level the character takes upon their shoulders the burden of the unknown. This is perfectly illustrated in the cave section, where there are particle effects in the cave, yet they can only be activated by triggering them when you're near them. Thus, the player must make leaps of faith to get to the next one, sometimes jumping off branches in high trees. This is to symbolize the player leaping into doubt and coming out the better for it.

Mountain Image 3

This was just some of the art featured in level for fear, and how it's supposed to be somewhat uneasy for the player.

Mountain Image 4

Deception is another human trait that we must deal with almost on a daily occasion, and is one of the most prominent human tendencies. This level features the character the merchant, who is Deception incarnate, and tries to swindle and fool you at every turn. The level constantly twists and turns, running into dead ends from the skewed compass the Merchant sold to you for all your items. After eventually following the directions of the compass you manage to make it out of the level and confront the Merchant. The game focuses on personal choice and decisions of the player, so you can choose to give him a really gross and distasteful item in order to "pay him back" or you can give him something useful to be the better man.

Mountain Image 5