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This was my senior production game for my last year at Champlain College. I joined the team as an environmental/prop artist after the conceptual and preliminary design phase was over. I was tasked with creating two to three assets a week and log my hours in the production cycle over the course of one semester (roughly 4 months). This included modeling, unwrapping, texturing and creating a specular and in some instances an emissive map for objects and props within the game space. We were also assigned a specific level to work on in coordination with a designer in order to "mesh out" a level. By this, we as artists were focused on making the art direction and playable scene more aesthetically pleasing by adding things like post processing volumes, lighting, and foliage factories of grass, rocks and more clutter items that would otherwise populate the world space. I was responsible for the level featuring Death, and the progression of decay from vibrancy and life to death throughout the level.

Mountain Project Image 1