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This is the final for my Advanced Seminar class for my Senior Year at Champlain College in Burlington, VT. I chose to do an environmental piece that was old and dusty and I finally stumbled across a picture of an old subway tunnel as a black and white photograph and saw the oppritunity to do a very nice lighting scheme while having a pretty modular scene with clutter assets aplenty. This was a challenge particularly with how to break up a relatively straight forward level to make it interesting and to draw the eye across the scene. A lot of these choices for asset placement came after the decision for a dark and ominous lighting pass. This included a height fog and post processing volume to add some depth of field to the tunnel for the dark and foreboding look that I had wanted to get across. The addition of a fog plane also helped out with the look and feel of the level and made it so that it solidified the lighting scheme I was going for as well. I focused on clutter pieces that indicated the tunnel was in a constant state of disrepair.

Subway Image 1 Subway Hover Image 1

Subway Image 2 Subway Hover Image 2

Subway Image 3 Subway Hover Image 3

Subway Image 4 Subway Hover Image 4

Subway Image 5 Subway Hover Image 5