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Primitive Stats: 66,330 Instanced Tris: 544,056

This was the final for my Game Environments class at Champlain College in Burlington, VT. I chose to do the ancient city of Babylon. They had operated on a limited number of resources for masonry and other building work, so finding new and interesting ways to combine the textures of sandstone and various other pieces of the environment was a challenging experience. I had extended a small market stalled place outside of the main building of worship. The wall segments are modular with two different capped pieces in between them. I tried to theme the lighting around a fast approaching night right at the cusp of sunset. Thus, the ground is littered with fire braziers and the environment has a very saturated look to it. The city, like most ancient cities, is constantly undergoing repair, so scaffolding is placed around the level. I feel like this environment was a good overall experience for learning how to populate a space correctly and I very much enjoyed making it.

Babylon Temple Image 1 Babylon Temple Hover Image 1

Babylon Temple Image 2 Babylon Temple Hover Image 2

Babylon Temple Image 3 Babylon Temple Hover Image 3

Babylon Temple Image 4 Babylon Temple Hover Image 4